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Vital Signs Patient Monitor DYNASCOPE DS-8900

Central Station Monitor, “DS-8900”. With its 26 inch display and multi-display configuration, all the information can be reviewed in a blink of an eye. More powerful than its previous models. Thanks to its 26” screen, 32 beds can be displayed and with its latest technology, a maximum of 120 hours (5 days) of continuous waveforms and parameters can be recorded.


  • Colour Full HD 26 inch wide LCD (resolution 1920 × 1080).
  • 32 bedside monitors can be monitored on one screen.
  • 120 hours of continuous recording of waveforms and parameters.
  • Customizable User keys.
  • Up to 8 teams nursing can be set.
  • Multiple alarms with a variety of lighting patterns.
  • Easy interface, touch screen, user keys and remote control.


Dimensions 650 (W) x 242 (D) x 467 (H) mm
Weight Approx.18kg

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