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Vascular Screening System "VaSera"

Vascular Screening System "VaSera"

The Vascular screening system "VaSsera" is an arteriosclerosis screening tool which ensures: Good reproducibility, Easy operation and Less burden to examinees.


The main parameters are:

  • CAVI (for vascular stiffness)
  • ABI (for vascular stenosis/occlusion)
  • Vascular age

Secure design imposing minimal burden to examinees

VaSera adopts the oscillometric method for blood pressure measurement. In addition, it does not simultaneously measure blood pressure at 4 limbs but at first it measures blood pressure at the right brachial and ankle and then measures at the left brachial and ankle. Thus, arteries at the right and left sides are alternately pressurized with the other side open. This not only reduces burden to examinees but also enables more accurate measurement.

Color Report

A printing color report can selected from the following:

Standard report:
Concisely presents CAVI, ABI and interpretation.
Detailed report:
Enables confirmation of CAVI, ABI, body weight and BMI in time series as well as evaluation of medication effects.
For testee report:
Kindly presents data using graphs and illustrations.

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