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Vascular Screening System VaSera VS-2000

The Future of Cardiovascular, Blood Pressure and Atherosclerosis Management. Blood pressure measurement is no longer a daily practice. Step up the caliber of your patient evaluations. By measuring arterial stiffness, you can know your patient's "Vascular Age".


  • Trolley or desktop mount
  • Colour LCD with touch screen function
  • Simplified Cardio Ankle Vascular Index (CAVI)
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
  • Toe Brachial Index (TBI)
  • 12 Lead ECG waveform (optional with VSC-50 software and EE-100 module)
  • PDF preview and storage
  • Network shared file function
  • Data management: USB memory, SD card or PC (VSS-50 software)


Dimensions Main unit: 178 (W) x 181 (D) x 315 (H) mm
Display unit: 297 (W) x 210 (D) x 96.5 (H) mm
Weight Main unit: Approx. 4.5kg
Display unit: Approx. 1.6kg

* Not all the products are dealt in your country. Please ask us or your local distributor about detail.

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