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Monitor central DYNASCOPE DS-7700

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The DS-7700 system, newer and friendlier. It enables you to monitor (either ICU/CCU/General ward) vital signs parameters without causing more workload for your nursing staff.


  • 15-inch or 19-inch color LCD
  • Monitor up to 16 patients both hard wired and telemetry.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface.
  • Customizable User keys.
  • Built-in 3 channel recorder.
  • Alarm pole.
  • Full disclosure waveform recording.


Dimensions DS-7700W Series 434(W) x 248(D) x 475(H) mm
DS-7700 Series 350(W) x 244(D) x 387(H) mm
Weight DS-7700W Series Approx.14Kg
DS-7700 Series Approx.11.5Kg

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