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Our most intelligent user interface, this is high end patient monitoring with such flexibility in customisation it may just be the most powerful, clear and simple patient monitor you have ever used. Configure sound, colour and display to suit every situation and environment. A multitude of configurations gives unprecedented control to precisely tailor the DS-8500 to your requirements and the requirements of your patient care team.


  • Clear and compact, the 15”display or Vivid and expansive, the 19”display
  • Modular flexibility to match every critical care environment
  • Designed to meet the needs of the modern critical care service from OR, ICU, CCU to the HDU, PSU and ER
  • New Secure Connect cable system


Dimensions Main monitor 265(W)×263(H)×117(D)mm
19”Display 468(W)×371(H)×56(D)mm
15”Display 395(W)×297(H)×50(D)mm
Super module 85(W)×100(H)×200(D)mm
Weight Main monitor 5.5kg
19”Display 6.0kg
15”Display 3.5kg
Super module 1.2kg

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