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Connection can be made directly to the DS-7700 central monitor and construct a wireless network system to monitor vital signs such as ECG, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, SpO2, and others sent by the LX-7120 or the LX-7230 telemetry transmitter or the HLX-801 telemetry transmitter module. All the operation of LW-7080 can be done at the central monitor via local area network.


  • The LW-7080 central telemetry receiver compatible with the patient monitoring network.
  • Receives vital sign data transmitted from eight patients.
  • Receives up to six waveforms and all alphanumeric data.
  • Patient data distributed on the local area network for review at the central station, DS-7700.


Dimensions 132mm (W) x 290mm (D) x 305mm (H) (±30mm, not including the protrusion)
Weight 8.6kg ± 1kg

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