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Full HD Color Doppler Ultrasound System sefius UF-890AG

UF-890AG, new generation of ultrasound systems is an open and flexible platform with an innovative and smart architecture, providing a new level of diagnosis confidence and an enhanced return on investment.


  • Application on Solid State Disc (SSD)
  • Secured Patient Data through RAID System
  • Optimized Workflow
  • Stellar Processing Power
  • Large Image View and High Quality Display
  • Fully Adjustable Screen and Keyboard
  • Five Probe Connectors (incrluding CW Pencil)
  • Direct Keys with Functional Backlighting
  • Context Dependent Display Size
  • SPF Beamforming
  • High-Definition (Full HD) Imaging
  • Ultra-Low Frequency Doppler


Dimensions 51(W)x87(D)x158(H)cm
Weight Approx. 88 kg (witout peripherals)

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